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From the time your child grows their first tooth, to when they have a mouthful of teeth, Just 4 kiDDS Dentistry for Children is here to keep your child's smile healthy and bright. We know how important your child's health is to you, which is why we have tailored the entire atmosphere of our office around making your child feel relaxed at the dentist. By making kids feel at ease, we can provide the provide the best possible care to them all while making their visit FUN! 

Why visit a pediatric dentist?

Don't get us wrong, family dentists are great! But pediatric dentists receive an extra two years of training and schooling; and that extra two years can make a big difference. A dentist who is trained to work with young children knows exactly how to make a child's first visit to the dentist a positive experience.

Compared to a traditional dentist's office, our pediatric dental offices in Idaho Falls and Pocatello pediatric dentist office are designed with kids in mind. The moment your child walks through our doors, they are greeted by our friendly and caring team. From there, kids almost gravitate towards our movie theater, complete with leather chairs and a big screen TV. Every room of our office has decorations and toys that kids will love. Above every exam chair is a flat-screen TV playing their favorite movies. Our entire team of dental professionals love our patients and do everything they can to bring a smile to the faces of our little patients. 

When it comes to cost, most insurances bill family dentists and pediatric dentists equally. We accept the same insurances that other dental offices do, in addition to Medicaid. While there are great family dentists in Idaho Falls and dentists in Pocatello, your child is more likely to have a better experience at a dental office built with them in mind. 


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What Our Patients Say:

The staff is amazing, Dr. Higham is so friendly and helpful. My kids and I loved the office, video games, mini movie theater, movie memorabilia throughout. Wish they would have had something like this when I was a kid!
— Keisha Childress
I absolutely love Just4Kids! They have wonderful people working there. I have worked with many of the hygienists and everyone is friendly and asks the kids tons of questions and makes going to the dentist fun. The whole office is movie theater oriented. Lots of movie posters, 2 movies playing up front in the waiting room, the appointment cards are movie tickets, so much fun. The rooms where they do procedures are decorated like movies to keep the kids comfortable. When the kids go back to get their teeth cleaned they get 3 choices of movies, headphones to listen to the movie of choice and sunglasses to not have the light in their eyes. They accommodate so well. Dr. Higham is a wonderful kind man super patient and does so well with the kids. I have a child with autism and they work well with him and his difficulties. They don’t push him or get mad that he can’t handle getting his teeth cleaned. Each time we go in they are able to get a little bit done like xrays, are fine when he is at his limit. I would definitely recommend this office to any kid. I wish he did adults!!
— Cori Burnett
My children and I had an excellent experience at this office. The staff was friendly from the front office, the hygienists, and the dentist himself. They took their time to explain everything to me and interacted well with the children. The kids loved the theater experience and toys in the waiting room, and especially loved being able to watch a movie during their teeth cleaning. They have been asking to go back and were disappointed to have to wait another 6 months.
— Kathryn Nielson
I always love bringing my kids here. they love it to. Waiting room has a movie theater, train table, race car track, doll house, and arcades. My littles are always treated nice and when they talk they try to make everything fun. My oldest loves that he can put on headphones and watch a movie while they work on getting germs out. I’d recommend this place to everyone I know.
— L. Mouse
They truly know and understand kids here and how to create a fun experience! This is the best dental office I have ever been to and am so happy I found it. The staff was courteous and friensly. The office is incredibly efficient! My kids went for the first time, there are four of them, and it took 45 minutes from start to finish. The cinema theme is well put together and the kids love it. The dentist was quick and friendly as well. If you want to help your kids look forward to taking care of their teeth, this is the place to take them to.
— K Conklin
The waiting room has a train table, video games, a doll house, and they have a theater room playing a movie. They also have tv screens above the chairs so the kids can watch while they get their teeth cleaned. The hygienist was so great with my kids; they were actually having fun. Highly recommended!
— Lindsey Augustine