Idaho Falls Pediatric Dentist

As a top-rated pediatric dentist in Idaho Falls, Dr. Higham gives a few tips on how to prepare your child for their next dental visit:

  1. Make Teeth-Brushing Fun!

    When you teach your child that brushing their teeth is fun and part of both their morning and nightly routine, you help them learn that taking care of themselves is important. This will build confidence in them for years to come.
  2. Cut back on cavity-causers

    We recommend that children avoid eating anything that sticks to the teeth of gets lodged between them. Fruit snacks and fish-shaped crackers are sometimes the biggest offenders. Instead of these sugar-packed and sticky treats, try a healthier snack with less sugar.
  3. Water is awesome!

    If you child does have a sugary snack, you can help minimize tooth damage by offering them a big sip of water afterward. This quick rinse can make a big difference, but remember to brush their teeth morning and night.