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Dr. Higham and his staff are amazing. When we went to our old dentist my kids were usually scared would end up crying by the time we were done. Most times they wouldn’t allow the staff to clean all of their teeth and if they had a cavity they’d have to be put to sleep to have it filled. I immediately noticed a difference when we switched to Just 4 kiDDS. The staff was great with my kids and were able to clean their teeth on the first visit. My kids now look forward to every visit and will ask periodically when they can go back. I’m so glad that my old dentist referred us to Just For Kids! My kids are much happier and so am I!”

“They say it’s just for kids but it I think it is really for Moms. Just 4 kiDDS makes it so easy to take my kids to the dentist. The doctor and staff made my kids feel comfortable and relaxed. He gave me the pros and cons about treatment and respected my choices. I appreciated that he took the time to answer all of my questions and that he did it in a way that I could understand and at the same time gave me tips and advice that where actually useful. Thanks Just 4 kiDDS.”

03Dr. Higham and his staff at Just 4 kiDDS are amazing. My son wouldn’t let anyone even look in his mouth until we brought him to Just 4 kiDDS and now he loves going to the dentist. We really appreciated how friendly and helpful the staff is and we love the fun atmosphere they have created for a dental office. My daughter had to go back in for another visit a few days later because she needed a cavity filled. She was counting down the days because she was so excited to go back to the dentist. I wish I had something like this when I was a kid. Thanks to Dr. Higham and his staff my kids actually like going to the dentist.”

We LOVE Just 4 kiDDS Dentistry! With the movie theater themed office, everything is so kid-friendly! I honestly can’t say enough good about Dr. Higham and his staff. They did a great job with my little boy. They did everything at his pace and answered all of my questions in a way I could understand. They were so patient and I never felt rushed. I love all of the cute rooms and the TVs!! I will definitely be going back! ”

“From our very first visit I have loved taking my children to Just 4 kiDDS. The atmosphere is calm and inviting and the staff are very friendly. I really like Dr. Higham’s way of interacting with my kids. He is very patient with them and gives me all the details I need about their teeth. I plan on taking my kids to Dr. Higham for as long as possible.”

“I love taking my kids to Just For KiDDS. The staff is always friendly, and the doctor is professional and does a great job. My kids actually look forward to going to the dentist! My daughter recently had her first filling done and I was so impressed with Dr. Higham and his staff. They are so good with kids, which is so important. I’ve been to other doctors in various fields who just weren’t good with kids, and it makes the whole experience awful. I’m so glad I can take my kids to Dr. Higham and I appreciate all he does to make his office such kid friendly environment.”

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